What I Learned Watching Biden Kill The Me Too Movement

Me too is officially dead, and Joe Biden killed it. The media creation known as Me Too started by a cadre of democrat “whos who” in a bid to snuff out republicans that more times than not took out Democrats. The movement which had as its premise that all women should be believed imploded due to the absurdity of the notion that we should cancel due process for men. In a bid to exonerate the handsy presidential contender, Democrats have decided to sacrifice Me Too. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Terra Reade is a former Senate staffer that worked for Joe Biden, who claims Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. Multiple people have come forward to confirm that Tara told them about the incident, including a now-infamous call to Larry King by what Tara claims is her mother in that same year. According to a friend, Reade told her there were multiple physical interactions with Biden that made her feel uncomfortable. The media dragged its feet on the issue and was forced to respond after left-wing outlets like The Intercept started reporting on it.

The Biden campaign was all too happy to claim exoneration after a piece in the New York times provided some cover, but they were forced to shift their tone after the larry king tape was exposed. The fervor to cover Biden reached a fever pitch when a prominent Washington DC journalist wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times saying he wanted to win not investigate Joe Biden.

To the Editor:

I totally disagree with this editorial. I don’t want an investigation. I want a coronation of Joe Biden. Would he make a great president? Unlikely. Would he make a good president? Good enough. Would he make a better president than the present occupant? Absolutely.

I don’t want justice, whatever that may be. I want a win, the removal of Donald Trump from office, and Mr. Biden is our best chance. Suppose an investigation reveals damaging information concerning his relationship with Tara Reade or something else, and Mr. Biden loses the nomination to Senator Bernie Sanders or someone else with a minimal chance of defeating Mr. Trump. Should we really risk the possibility?

Martin Tolchin
Alexandria, Va.
The writer is a former reporter for The New York Times, a founder and editor in chief of The Hill, and was an adviser during the pre-launch phase of Politico. His views are his own. (Editors’ Note: This ID line has been revised from an earlier version to clarify Mr. Tolchin’s former role at Politico.)

The journalist in question was responding to a story by the New York Times that called on the Democratic National Committee to investigate Biden; a request Tom Perez, the DNC chair, swiftly declined. So after passing around the hot potato that is the Biden sexual assault, it’s hard not to get the impression that the fix is in. Biden decided to respond to the incident on the morning Joe where Mika Brachenski grilled the candidate and Biden subsequently melted down.

Biden can’t even handle simple questions from Mika on a network that should be friendly territory. If this wasn’t at all hypocritical, the best is yet to come. Democrats appear unshaken by these revelations. The vote blue no matter who brigade has waged an all-out offensive against the accuser, Tara Reade.

The Clinton years serve as a reminder of why feminists are throwing their so-called principles to the side, saying they’ll vote for Biden either way. One writer and feminist wrote in the NY Times that sacrificing Me Too movement was worth voting for Joe Biden all to rid America of sitting president Donald Trump. She even alleges that although she realizes how it will hinder future testimonies of women that have been assaulted and the likelihood of them being believed, she will still vote for Biden and encourages others to do the same. Where do democrat voters fit into this? A Monmouth poll of Democrat voters said that 55% believe the allegations are not true.

Kevin Batts | FortySix News Source: https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_us_050620/


When you juxtapose this standard to how republicans are treated, you see a stunning contrast. Democrats have never actually supported women, they only supported candidates and used the mirage of moral high ground to club republican politicians, businesses, and anyone who stood in the way. The silence from feminist groups across America has been absolutely deafening, which is in sharp contrast to what we witnessed during the Kavanaugh Hearings in 2018. The same women that condemned Brett Kavanaugh with little to no corroboration are now sitting on their hands. Still don’t believe feminism isn’t being used as a political weapon? Tara Reade hasn’t really exposed Biden; rather, her accusation has once again exposed more about third-wave feminism, and it’s an attempt to weaponize their movement to change the justice system of America and overall control who is allowed to possess power in American government. I don’t believe that Joe Biden should be hanged simply because a woman has come forward and accused him of sexual assault. However, this was not the case with Brett Kavanaugh and several others that were thrown to the wolves because they were republican men in power. Remember, any woman that simply stood by and asked for corroboration or facts concerning Christine Ford were deemed “rape apologists” and “enablers of an oppressive system.” Yet, there are women, including feminists, that are claiming they will still vote for Joe Biden although they question the allegations against him. What’s hypocrisy? Women that grab a shovel and bury their own flawed narrative to get rid of a sitting president. Well done, ladies. Well done.

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