OK Back 2 Work Calls for More Rallies Across Oklahoma!


Oklahoma City, OK – This past Wednesday a grassroots group of small business owners, employees and citizens of Oklahoma drove around the State Capitol in Oklahoma, for over an hour, with 400 plus vehicles calling on Governor Kevin Stitt to reopen Oklahoma back up.

Then some of them headed over to the City Hall in Oklahoma City to encourage Mayor David Holt to lift the “Shelter in Place” and get people back to work.

Now OK Back 2 Work is recognizing the great efforts of the grassroots activists, small business owners, concerned citizens, and employees that joined them at the Drive by Rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Wednesday, April 8th in heart, spirit and in person. They say their efforts sent a strong message to Governor Stitt that Oklahomans are ready to get back to work.

They are now continuing to urge the Governor to support the efforts of Oklahoma business owners and employees in getting Oklahoma back to work. They said they are confident that Oklahomans can return to work safely in order to provide for their families while protecting our most vulnerable citizens at the same time.

“We do not buy the lie that Oklahomans must choose between working or keeping our most vulnerable citizens safe. That is a false dichotomy.” Lori Gracey said. “We believe we can do both and we call on the Governor, mayors and county commissioners to support Oklahomans in safely returning to work.”

They believe our communities are suffering, our citizens are hurting, and lives are being ruined due to the shutdown and having been designated “non-essential.” All people, jobs and businesses are essential because without them, Oklahoma families will not be able to thrive or survive this crisis. It is our responsibility as citizens to preserve the economic livelihoods of the tens of thousands of unemployed Oklahomans.

Now OK Back 2 Work in solidarity with grassroots activists, small business owners, concerned citizens, and employees from cities across America who have rallied to urge their Governors to reopen their states, will continue their efforts here in Oklahoma. They are now encouraging Oklahoma citizens across the state to rally at their local city halls on Monday, April 20th at 12:00 pm. Rallies are being organized in Tulsa and Oklahoma City as well.

For more information can be found on their Facebook page, OK Back 2 Work.

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