Adult Human Female: The Democrat War on Women

Democrat policies have been waging war on women. After years of claiming the existence of a Republican war on women, it is now becoming patently obvious the real war on women is happening due to far-left policies.

No policy has eroded the very idea of femininity more than the notion that any man by simple decree can become a woman. This is a narrative that has become so twisted that the dictionary definition of woman ‘adult human female’ has become offensive. Can the dictionary definition of women and what the gender radicals consider a woman to be, occupy the same space? If this isn’t the case, wouldn’t that mean one of these definitions need not exist? I would say they both can exist, but there has to be an understanding that men aren’t women, and trans men are just that, trans men. The current iteration of what constitutes the Transgender movement is being used as a cudgel to redefine what it means to be a woman. This movement seeks to water down the very definition of a woman in order to push its agenda. The results are women ultimately will lose their identity.

What makes a woman a woman? What has taken place is the only logical outcome; otherwise, intersectionality and gender theory itself would have to be thrown out. If a woman is an adult human female then where do trans people fit. The answer is trans men are men and women are still women.


The first example of this agenda in practice is a transgender inmate in an Illinois state prison who has been credibly accused of a myriad of sexual crimes by multiple women. One of those women even claims they were coerced into recanting her story claiming the prison was engaged in a cover-up. There was a time when the Left would take on this injustice under the banner of feminism or just plain common decency. Now they’ve joined what they once called the patriarchy to attack women’s safety. Now the left is stuck having to defend the perpetrator to maintain the narrative that a man in a women’s prison isn’t a man if he claims to feel like a woman. The woman has to be sacrificed on the altar of gender radicalism to further this ideology. Is this man an adult human female? I say no.

Speaking about the assault, the article states the following:

The suit claims that following the attack, which the state allegedly covered up with a “sham investigation,” she was coerced into recanting, then punished for filing a “false” report. They did this, the suit contends, to “justify the transfers” of “transgender inmates from male to female prisons,” which “has been a contentious policy within IDOC.”

According to the head of psychiatry at the prison, once arriving at the prison, the accused person ceased transitioning to a female and still has his genitals. All this in a time when we’re told to believe all women.


The second story is about a teachers union in Madison, Wisconsin that is forcing a school to allow transgender teachers to share bathrooms with children.

Science teacher and transgender, Vica Steel, decided last January he was a woman and proceeded to start using the little girl’s bathroom that was across the hall from his classroom. A little girl felt uncomfortable with this arrangement and told her mother. The mom called the school principal to relay her daughter’s unease with the arrangement. The Principle did the sensible thing and told the transgender man to use a single user bathroom. Afterwhich the teacher says he will not obey the guidelines and now the union has stepped in because this is just like black people getting denied equality during the civil rights era. Now the schools ‘discriminatory’ policies may end with a lawsuit.

What does it mean to be a woman in 2020? Are little girls not entitled to feel safe in places of learning? What kind of teacher knowingly commits an act that a child says makes them feel unsafe? Not only that, the teacher is openly defiant against her discriminatory students.

In a Facebook post on the matter Steel wrote:

“I can’t say what will happen next, but I am hopeful that they [the district] will proceed with more care and that they will bring more voices, especially transgender voices and the voices of other marginalized people, to the table so any change of policy or practice is non-discriminatory,” 

What does it mean to be a woman in the year 2020? Is the definition of woman still adult human female? We’re living in a time when the essence of feminity is under assault.

In reality, your identity comes from God and a government can enact all the policies it wants affirming that what we see with our eyes isn’t so, but that doesn’t change the fact that a woman is and always will be an adult human female.

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