FortySixNews: We Went To The OK2A Rally Here’s What We Saw

By: Kevin & Janelle Batts Photos & Video By Kevin Batts

On November 1, 2010, Constitutional Carry went into effect in the state of Oklahoma, making it the 16th state to do so nationwide. This comes as a final victory after HB 2597 was signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt. The law was contested by democrat legislators right up until Nov 1st, including a lawsuit that was filed by Senator Jason Lowe(D). Senator Lowe was also apart of a petition drive to move the vote to the people of Oklahoma, but the signature numbers fell short. Lowe has argued that Constitutional Carry is a “dangerous law” and could place Oklahomans in harm’s way. Despite his efforts to stop constitutional carry, it is now law in the state of Oklahoma. 

The Rally

The chilly early morning Rally had an attendance of around 300 people. A bevy of lawmakers and key activists showed up to be recognized. Mostly local but some national media was on hand to document this event.

The law’s enactment follows a long few months leading up to the November date that included a major petition push endorsed by mayors of Oklahoma cities, Democrat activists, politicians, and even a presidential candidate.

Despite this coordinated effort they failed miserably. This culminated in them going to courts and trying to get the law thrown out on a technicality. The hail mary injunction was ultimately rejected by the Oklahoma State Supreme Court just days before the law would go into effect. FortySixNews was on the ground to document the historic moment.

Interview with Dr. Alan Keyes

Dr. Alan Keyes, who served under President Ronald Reagan in the U.S. State Department and later in other national and international roles, made an appearance this week at the Oklahoma Capitol. He joined supporters of a new law that allows permitless carry of firearms. The law took effect on Nov. 1. Keyes said while he wanted to show support for the Second Amendment, as he believes it is a key to the nation’s future, his stop at the rally was ancillary to his main reason for visiting the state.

“I’m here in Oklahoma to participate in something called the Repent With Us conference. It’s basically about repenting for the sin of abortion. My speech to the crowd will be about recognizing that, in fact, Roe v. Wade included a sunset clause that specified the terms on which the decision would collapse, and those terms have been satisfied. Therefore Roe has no authority anymore. And it is incumbent upon the executives – the governors, the president – to see this truth and start enforcing the Constitution, which requires that we first of all not deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process and that we do not withhold from any person the equal protection of the laws. Both those things are being done to our offspring in these abortion murder mills, and the murders must stop.”

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Photos From the OK2A Rally

We captured photos of some great patriots at the OK2A Rally.

Interview with Dave Greene Congressional Candidate in the Republican 5th Congressional District

Dave Greene is running in the Republican Primary to become the Republican candidate for the 5th congression district. He hopes to win the nomination and face off against Rep Kendra Horn who won the seat in an upset win against Rep Steve Russell.

In the interview, Mr. Greene explains how Rep. Kendra Horn is in the top 5 of lawmakers who vote against the will of their constituents. Kendra has only voted with the president 7.5% of the time despite Trump winning her district by +13.4. (Note: The source is provided in the video.)

Greene works in film and he works in the burgeoning film industry in the state. He is also a Veteran of the United States Air Force. He lives in Harrah Oklahoma.

We hope to interview more candidates running in the Republican primary for the 5th district seat.

Don Spencer & Nathan Dham Speech at The Oklahoma Second Amendment Rally

Don Spencer Talks to The Media At The OK2A Rally

My Thoughts on The Rally

The left would have you believe that there would be bodies in the streets if this law were to be allowed. it’s funny every time our liberties are even nominally restored someone on the left is upset and making predictions of mass chaos and death. Meanwhile, under liberal governance states like California and Chicago have descended into something akin to war zones. We must always work to expand liberty because that is the only way we can truly achieve the fruits of what we call freedom in this great country.

Thank you to all the lawmakers who worked to make this happen. All the countless hour’s activists like OK2A spent advocating for this law. This truly goes to show why elections are important and that they can have positive consequences if an educated electorate is active and willing.

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