New Bill Would Make Illegals Entitled to All US Welfare Programs


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A new bill would make illegals entitled to all US federal welfare programs. The proposal was presented as well as a raft of other new legislation was introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The list of bills are named “A Just Society.”

The Daily Wire Story The 29-year-old former bartender has unveiled a new six-bill package of legislation titled “A Just Society.”

“A just society provides a living wage, safe working conditions, and healthcare. A just society acknowledges the value of immigrants to our communities. A just society guarantees safe, comfortable, and affordable housing,” says a page on her House website dedicated to the package. “By strengthening our social and economic foundations, we are preparing ourselves to embark on the journey to save our planet by rebuilding our economy and cultivate a just society.”

The package has six parts:

    • “The Place to Prosper Act” would prevent year-over-year rent increases of more than 3%.
    • “The Uplift Workers Act” would mandate that the Department of Labor to create a “worker-friendly score” considering factors such as paid-family leave, a $15 minimum wage and union membership.
    • “The Mercy in Re-entry Act” would grant public benefits to those convicted of criminal offenses.
    • The “Guarantees the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for All” Act does, well, just that.
    • “The Recognizing Poverty Act” orders the Department of Health and Human Services “to adjust the federal poverty line” based on location.
    • “The Embrace Act” would allow illegal aliens to claim the same welfare benefits as all U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

This legislation continues the trend of the Democratic party putting the world before American citizens. The amount of free stuff proposed by this party is astonishing. The bills have no possibility of becoming law but this is the far left planting the stake in the ground of what they want to see if they can capture the White House and Senate in 2020. This would spell dark times ahead for all people who love this country.

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