22 Oklahoma Priest “Credibly Accused” of sexual abuse Spanning Over 46 years


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22 Oklahoma Catholic priests have been ‘credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors.’ This is according to two reports released by the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Archdiocese. The Church published the report that lists all the accused clergy from the past 46 years.

Writing about the release Bishop David Konderla wrote: “Though this might be a difficult path, I believe this is the best path to bring healing and to restore trust.”

Zach Hiner, the executive director of the National Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priest (SNAP), took issue with the scant nature of the release saying, “The Diocese published the priest’s names, dates of birth, dates of ordination, dates of death. What would be far more helpful is to know where these men served so the church communities can reflect.” He also said, “And when were the allegations received by church officials and what did they do in response? Absent that information; this is just sort of the bare minimum of all the reports I’ve seen.”

List of the credibly accused priest
  • The Rev. Thomas Behnke, O.C.D, died in 2008
  • The Rev. David Armstead Cowden died in 2015
  • The Rev. Stephen Cude, removed from active ministry in 1998
  • The Rev. Mathias Faue, died in 1988
  • David B. Imming formally dismissed from the clergy in 2011
  • The Rev. Francis Albert Mantica died in 1997
  • The Rev. James Mickus, previously suspended; removed from ministry on Thursday in Chandler and Stroud, according to the archdiocese
  • The Rev. Rocco Perone died in 1992
  • The Rev. Edward Prather died in 1996
  • James Francis Rapp, currently incarcerated for sexual abuse crime
  • Benjamin Zoeller formally dismissed from the clergy in 2011
  • Fr. Harry Bartnik died 2000
  • Fr. Edmund Byrne died 1991
  • Fr. Lawrence Courtright permanently removed from active ministry on 07-04-2002 died 1961
  • Mr. Timothy Daley permanently removed from active ministry on 04-28-1999 returned to the lay state on 02-17-2004 died 2004
  • Mr. Kenneth Lewis permanently removed from active ministry on 07-22-2002 dismissed from the clerical state on 06-13-2007
  • Fr. Vincent McGouldrick died on 01-19-1994
  • Den. Sid Starr permanently Removed from Active Ministry in 2009
  • Den. Morris Dale Vanderford removed from active ministry on 01-21-1992 died on 07-04-1998
  • Fr. John Jangam returned to India unknown
  • Fr. James Greenwell, Third Order Franciscans (“TOR”) died on 07-14-2012
  • Fr. Robert Poandl, Glenmary Home Missioner died 01-15-2019

A copy of the reports were given to the Oklahoma Attorney General and other local law enforcement agencies.

The report did not include Rev. Joe Townsend. He is currently under an internal investigation for misconduct with a minor. According to the Diocese that is still ongoing. Townsend is currently on leave as of July. The investigation is being handled by a third party. Townsend was a Catholic priest in Broken Arrow.

Rev. David A. Konderla statement

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