OKDPS: Oklahoma Receives Extension From the Department of Homeland Security for REAL ID Through Sept. 18, 2020


Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, officials say they were notified today that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has granted an extension for the state’s REAL ID through September 18, 2020.

Officials say this means that the federal government will still continue to recognize Oklahoma driver’s licenses and ID cards for entering federal facilities and flying on commercial airlines.

“The Department of Public Safety and its new leadership are working quickly and effectively to update systems and take the necessary steps to implement REAL ID,” said Governor Kevin Stitt. “This will be the final extension needed for our state to become fully compliant with federal law, as Oklahoma is set to begin issuing the updated IDs later next year. We are prioritizing this project in order to ensure our citizens can continue to use their Oklahoma licenses to travel seamlessly across the U.S. and enter federal facilities. By implementing REAL ID, we are also making sure our state remains competitive, successfully attracts new businesses, and retains our hardworking people as we continue to make Oklahoma a Top Ten state.”

U.S. Congress passed the REAL ID Act in 2005 in order to make driver’s licenses more difficult to forge.

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