OU Undergrad Student Congress Pass Resolution to Scrap Pledge From Agenda


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The Oklahoma University Undergraduate Student Congress passed a resolution to scrap the Pledge of Allegiance from its agenda. The resolution passed 15-11 on Sep 27th. The Pledge was targeted due to its relationship with Columbus day.

Gabi Thompson, a Senior at OU who sponsored the resolution, said that the Pledge was problematic because it was written for the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America. Gabi also said, “for us to be like the best most inclusive body, I thought that we should remove it.”

OU and the city of Norman haven’t celebrated Columbus day for some time now instead of opting to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day.

Not all OU students were on board with the move. OU Senior Sophie Brousseau said, “Not reciting the pledge of Allegiance is un-American.” Phillip Aldridge, another OU student, said: “I think that’s just pretty much a load of crap.”

Kevin Batts | FortySix News Resolution to remove pledge

The Pledge was established in the agenda in 2008 and has only recently come under fire as the campus continues it’s leftward drift.

This isn’t the first time Collages have gone after patriotic symbols. Hampshire college took down the American flag after the 2016 election of President Donald Trump

A Stanford University frat Sigma phi was told to improve their reputation; they needed to take down the flag. The Santa Barbara college president axed the Pledge after linking it to white supremacy. To protest Donald Trump ten members of the Clemson student government association sat down during the Pledge of allegiance. Also, a student veteran at the University of Wyoming was banned from reciting the Pledge because it was said to be offensive to international students.

Citing diversity and immigration St. Louis park a small Minnesota town nixed the pledge during council meetings. The city reversed course after city residents protested.

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