Stem Express CEO Admits to Harvesting intact Babies

Stem Express CEO has admitted that some aborted babies are being aborted completely intact. So many abortions are administered via dismemberment so how is this happening?

During the Obama Administration, a Pro-life group released undercover footage of the inside of Planned Parenthood clinics along with meetings with major players in this industry. It revealed solid confirmation that baby parts such as arms, legs, feet, and brains were being sold to stem cell companies.

Red River TV Show Podcast

This new development, while not surprising, brings the horror of abortion to the forefront. New reports reveal that during the abortion of some babies, a note has attached that request no use of digoxin, a drug often used in the procedure. In essence, a baby whose organs that has not been damaged is desired which leads to a fully, intact baby being retrieved after the completed abortion. This is surreal. It makes the act of abortion surreal.

Red River TV Show

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