Oklahoma Governor Stitt Criticized for Lack of Diversity

Identity politics has come for Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. The governor’s cabinet is being criticized for having a lack of diversity. The charge unsurprisingly came from state democrats.

Despite the cavalcade of hand wringing about diverse voices if Stitt put in a team of minorities who were rock-ribbed conservatives, they’d probably be none too pleased.

I don’t care if the table is diverse in terms of melanin or genitalia. I like most Oklahomans care that the table is populated with the best men and women for the job. This critique also glosses over the fact that Stitt’s staff is mostly women and his picks for states board positions have also been primarily women.

The root of contention isn’t a lack of diversity; it’s merely the fact that this governor has hit the ground running with minimal controversy. He’s been decisive and scored some early victories that his predecessor could only hope to have garnered. Another truth is that Stitt is unmoved by the agitations from the peanut gallery. Where other Republican governors would’ve been reactive to such petty critiques, Stitt has managed to stay above the fray.

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Also, it’s important to understand this type of strategy from the left is nothing new. When they have nothing else, they imply their opponent has an issue regarding something race or sex. Just pick your ism. Gender or race shouldn’t qualify you for a position.

We should strive for diversity but not the type of diversity that shows on the outside but the kind of diversity that is on the inside. That, of course, is the diversity of opinions and intellect. Americans are sick and tired of identity politics. Hopefully, the race-baiters will also get their fill.

Red River TV Show

Story 2

Were you aware that the majority of meth pouring into South East Oklahoma is coming over our porous borders? Law enforcement even saw a decline in meth labs, but drugs continue to come in from Mexico. 95% of these drugs are coming from Mexico. Our border policy touches every part of this county.

Story 3

Conservative activist Scott Pressler strikes again this time cleaning up fifty tons of trash from skid row in Los Angeles. This is one of the areas hardest hit by homelessness in the entire country. The mainstream media may not cover this story, but we will.

Story 4

Fifteen million Christians aren’t registered to vote. Imagine a world where these Christians understood the impact of their vote up and down the ticket. A large segment of the Christian faith has been convinced that those of faith have no place in the political realm. As I always say either you get involved with politics or politics will eventually get involved with you.

Story 5

A whistleblower accused Google of blacklisting conservatives. How many times does this mega-corporation have to be exposed? Google has an obvious political bias. They’re actively working as a publisher, and they’re immune from accountability.

Google is only a private company in name only. At some point, this will have to come to ahead. Hopefully, it is sometime before every person on the right is censored.

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