It’s Not Just Tech Companies Going After Conservatives


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It’s not just tech companies going after conservatives major fortune 500 companies are gladly jumping into the fray. The left and activist in the media have been clamoring for major corporations to put you and me in the crosshairs.

This isn’t about the free market; these are planned coordinated attacks on institutions and individuals who express or support certain ideologies. These people used to operate in the shadows now they’ve taken the veil off and are calling for supporters in the corporate world to go further.

Those on the right face an onslaught from these attacks. Even law enforcement isn’t spared from this ideological push. The men and women who protect our border have become politicized for implementing laws written and passed with bipartisan support. New stats released by Axios show that employees want CEOs to get more woke. The study shows an overwhelming majority of people want a more activist executive. This can only spell trouble for anyone who supports this president or liberty.

Discrimination of any kind abhorrent but organized and systemic targeting of people with right of center views is especially troubling.

These people want to criminalize being conservative. They’re already working to criminalize support for the NRA, pro-life, traditional values. The left wants to use corporations to do this at the city, state, and federal level. Last time I checked the NRA hadn’t killed one person, but illegals have in sanctuary cities.

Conservatives have backed themselves into a corner with our over-reliance on it’s a private company argument. Corporations that control a large segment of the media are in active coordination to manipulate our federal elections. They’re actively working to suppress our abilities to speak truths. They’re actively working to suppress our activities in commercial enterprise. They work with international conglomerates, the wealthy and political figures to suppress our rights. Which part of this is the free market? A free market isn’t the top companies working in tandem to suppress people and manipulate elections simply for political means.

Second Story

Israel may have a new prime minister. After a razor-thin election, the current prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu only has one chance to form a coalition. His opponent Benny Gantz may have the numbers to take the top job in Israel. The MSM media is dancing on the Bibi’s political grave after years hating him.

We discuss a New York Times article that touches on an excellent point that I think the most pundits on the left miss. Benny Gantz may policies may not be that far off Benjamin Netanyahu’s. A Benny Gantz term may expose what the real issue is between European establishment and the American Establishment Israel itself.

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