Church Vandalized for Not Supporting Drag Queen Story Time

A church in San Diego, California was recently vandalized with satanic symbols. The executive pastor of the church shared in an interview that he believed this was retaliation after he and his congregation publicly opposed an event where drag queens were reading to children at a library, also known as Drag Queen Story Hour.

The pastor mentioned that he was heartbroken by such an act of vandalism, but stated that he and his congregation would not be silent about protecting children.

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This type of vandalism against churches has grown over the past 3 years and will continue to grow, unfortunately. Churches are starting to take a stand in their communities and cities. With events such as gay pride, the wake of a new transgender kid community, and Drag Queen Story Hour, some churches and Christian organizations are saying no.

There has been open support for Drag Queen Story Hour across the United States, but there has also been criticism and concern from parents over the content of the hour. Often times, drag queens can be seen dancing provocatively in front of children while the parents cheer in the background. Drag queens are laying on the floor with children on top of them. It’s all supposed to be about playtime and teaching children that they don’t have to be afraid of a man dressed as a woman, but is that really what this is about?

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