A Nurse is Coming Forward & Exposing Infanticide During Abortions

A nurse has come forward about the care of unborn babies receive after surviving an abortion. She recalled the words of Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, when he spoke about “comfort care” in a radio interview.

A pro-choice spokeswoman spoke out on the heels of this interview and accused the republican party of twisting the words of Ralph Northam. She claimed that the only women seeking third trimester or late-term abortions were women that had nonviable pregnancies or pregnancies that resulted in fetal abnormality. However, OBGYN and former medical director at a Planned Parenthood clinic testified that a vast number of abortions performed had nothing to do with fetal issues or the endangerment of the mother.

Red River TV Show

Jill Stanek went on to share what happens during comfort care which included babies being born alive and taken to rooms where they were left to die. A Christ Hospital spokesperson stated in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times that between 10 percent and 20 percent of aborted babies survive for short periods of time. Most of the babies lived for at least an hour and one particular child lived for as long as eight hours but perished because they did not receive medical care.

It was recently reported about an abortionist that described a comfort room for parents after their abortions. It included a photo area to take photos of the aborted child, a foot printer, a baby bracelet, and baptismal items.

Red River TV Show

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