Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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  • David Van Risseghem

    I oppose trade restrictions like this. It adds to the red tape that schools and other municipalities would have to comply with; and it keeps us from seeking the best prices on our limited purchasing powers.
    Get the best quality and the best price. I
    If a producer can’t compete, then he shouldn’t be in business!
    And I’d love to “follow the money” on bills like this. I would suspect that many industries give campaign contributions to legislators who will run out any competitors and provide effective monopolies through regulation.
    When does that campaign financial report come out?

    • David Van Risseghem

      How about a bill that says legislators receiving public paychecks must eat at only BBQ restaurants?
      Too many veterans fought and died fighting the Germans and orientals. No more oriental food paid for with state payroll money! ;)

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