Sunday, June 24, 2018

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  • darylj46

    All that matters is that he voted to give Obama an open door and that is all that counts. He can make all the excuses he wants but it remains that he slapped us the citizens in the face. As for Obama vetoing the bill is fine as it would have been on him then.

  • quest2quest

    Says one thing…. does another. Typical why do Oklahoman keep these men in office.

  • quest2quest

    Why are we talking about funding the Ukraine like it is some sort of great thing for Americans. The biggest treat to America is it’s out of control spending. Imhoff is destroying this country. It’s time for him to go to the home.

  • Inhofe seems to be obfuscating like the typical old, white establishment Republican that he is. He sincerely thinks individuals like Senator Lankford, Representative Jim Bridenstine and others who voted against the Omnibus did so solely as a “show” vote, or to use Inhofe’s words to “have their time in the limelight.” He really believes that they didn’t vote based on principle, but rather, because they wanted attention. Inhofe thinks the same with regards to conservative radio talk show hosts – according to Inhofe they’re uninformed and misleading their listeners, who also all happen to agree with the hosts. Inhofe thinks they’re doing it to get ratings and attract more listeners to their radio talk shows. For this entire 24-minute interview with Campbell, Inhofe tries to justify why he voted for busting through the sequester spending-caps (because it restored more funding to the military…conservatives like unbridled Defense-spending, right?!), gave the Democrats everything they wanted (no defunding of Planned Parenthood, fully-funding ObamaCare and the president’s unconstitutional executive amnesty etc.; and then Inhofe points to things like stopping federal funding for abortions as some kind of conservative victory in this trillion-dollar spending package. Um, for those who are informed, federal funding was already banned from going to perform abortions. So that’s nothing “new” that the conservatives “won” in this spending package. It’s really sad and laudable that Inhofe tries to explain-away his yes-vote for this bill – one that will continue to push our country to the financial brink and jeopardize our future as a nation. It’s irresponsible; it’s not fiscally-sound; and it sure as hell is not “conservative” to spend money that we don’t have to fund things that we don’t need. #StandWithRand

    • Congressman Jim Bridenstine was the only one to vote against the Omnibus. Those voting for the Omnibus where himself Senator Jim Inhofe along with Senator James Lankord, Congressmen Markwayne Mullin, Frank Lucas, Tom Cole and Steve Russell.

      • My mistake. You’re right. Jim Bridenstine is the only one who stood on principle. I was looking at the wrong roll-call for votes on a related motion. Shame on Lankford. I have edited my previous comment.

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