Sunday, July 15, 2018

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  • Glenn Todd

    We the people will act if you don’t governor.

  • Syko Trixter II

    Let them in we need the target practice its almost turkey season

  • John Pannell

    I have supported Governor Fallin, whether I felt she was right or wrong, but this time she has lost my support for good. I don’t believe she has the welfare of Oklahoma’s first in her mind or heart.

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  • Ragincajun

    Fallin where do you get this idea that Oklahomans support accepting syrian refuges? What are you looking out for? Appeasing Washington DC and your standings with them or the welfare of the citizens of your state? You need look out for whats best for us. Or we’ll remove you and replace you with somebody who will.

  • Charles Laird

    The American people need back ground checks? We need and want this crap stopped.

  • Amanda Adams

    She needs to put a stop to them coming in Oklahoma apparently she don’t have the balls to stand up and put a stop to it.. she won’t get my vote…

  • critter

    Maybe she would like to have them at her house. She seems to forget she is an ELECTED Governor OF the PEOPLE. We have to have 2 addresses just to check out a book in the library. Of course, she will do like Obama does, AFTER something happens, she will publically regret the decisions she’s made. That will be to late, unfortunately, for whomever is involved.

  • Ross Lewin

    Bitch your fired…

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