Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Dr. Everett Piper

Dr. Everett Piper is president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville, Okla. A weekly columnist for the TheOKieBlaze, Piper is also a frequent guest commentator on a variety of talk radio programs across the nation, as well as a published author and essayist. He is also the author of two books: The Wrong Side of the Door: Why Ideas Matter and Why I Am A Liberal and Other Conservative Ideas.

  • David Risselada

    Awesome letter Dr. Piper. I believe a vast majority of Americans stand behind you on this. I know I Do.

  • It’s not just Obama. NO reasonable person believes he was targeting Xians, regardless of how desperately the evangelical Republican community tries to convince us he was.

    • Gary Boyd

      Really, he asked if they were Christians and if they stood up, he shot them.
      How in the world is that not targeting Christians?

      Sorry, your Kool Aid just spilled all over you and it’s left a stain.

      • Some he shot; some he let go. He was just shooting anyone he could.
        And he could shoot a lot of people because Republicans have been very effective at protecting the gun rights of people like him.

        • Excuse me, but if you actually read any of the news, he specifically shot Christians in the head, and everyone else in the leg. That is targeting Christians. Also, should I point out that this shooting happened in a place where guns were NOT allowed on a college campus? It is gun free zones that more people are killed each year. Criminals will bring guns wherever they please. They are less likely to bring them when they know half the student body are armed.

          • You make a very passionate case for allowing homicidal maniac conservative Christians like him to retain their gun rights.

          • julia310

            Sanders, where in the world are you getting the idea that the shooter was a Christian himself? His public profiles said he “hated religion.” Yes, somewhere he said he was Republican (although I have heard he was registered Independent) but he was definitely not conservative and not Christian. Did you only listen to MSNBC, who probably wouldn’t mention any of that?

          • First and foremost – there’s no such thing as a “registered independent” voter. I believe that you “heard he was” because it’s very common for Republicans to say that about each other out of shame for who they are associated with.
            As for not being a Christian – his mother raised him with Conservative Christian values – values like gun violence advocacy, profound hatred for his fellow man, and “spirituality”. I understand that you’re ashamed of your fellow, conservative, Christian and would like to pretend he was something else… but he was exactly what his conservative Christian mother raised him to be.

          • Jenny Gavlas Arsenault

            Actually, Oregonians may register as a member of the Independent Party.

          • julia310

            Oh, I mis-wrote. I meant to say, “registered non-partisan.” Many people who are registered non-partisan say they are “independent.” But he still wasn’t a Christian and there’s absolutely nothing to prove YOUR theory. Someone who writes that they hate all religions is not a Christian or a Buddhist or a Jew, etc. Pretty simple concept. It’s you that have a prejudice against people who call themselves Christian. But you can argue with stubborn.

          • Jim Simmons

            100% incorrect. I’ve been a registered Independent for over 20 years. But then again that’s the least of which you are wrong about.

          • Gwen Mitchell

            You are evidently a troll or just don’t have a clue about what happened in Oregon. The shooter was NOT….and, I repeat, NOT a Christian or a Conservative.

        • Marcos A Henriquez

          Simply IGNORANT.

        • Bill Wilson

          You are a 5th grade sick sob. Go ask for forgiveness. I did!

    • Old Economist

      Sanders Kaufman, you are an idiot. By the way HE was targeting CHRISTians, that is why he asked before shooting. The great satan is amongst us and it is ISIS, Islam in general, Obama and all the sympathizing liberals that are destroying this country.

    • Erica Seaver Engel

      Thank you.

      • Nobody anywhere has seriously said that we should take away all guns… so it’s kind of absurd for you to say we should stop saying that.
        And to say that we as a nation are “allowing” Christian conservatives to commit these mass murders is as ridiculous as saying that a gang-rape victim “allows” her assailants to rape her.

        • Erica Seaver Engel

          Hmm, I think I mis-communicated my supportive comments about your original post.

    • Gwen Mitchell

      Did you watch the news? He asked people if they were Christians….then shot them. Therefore, he was targeting Christians. It’s so simple….how did you miss that?

  • Tabludama

    It is not just Obama. The Corrupt Liberal Media has ignored the evidence that he bought an ISIS flag on line and that ISIS has claimed that he was one of their lone wolves. Not to mention CNN altered his photo to make it appear white and the CLM has never shown a photo of his black mother. Only his white father. Another gross corrupt example of a rancid leftist media that shills for the leftist Narrative rather that honors the peoples right to know.

  • If the victims had been Muslims, LGBTQ or “wearing a hoodie” (which I take to mean black/ethnic/non-white) the President would have been standing up for a minority with little to no representation and who are regularly victimized and stigmatized in American society. Big difference from the majority, white, Christian world that has all sorts of political, economic and cultural majority power (even though it’s in decline). Making this a “Christian” issue is no different than what you decry the President for. How is this not “preaching victimization and fomenting class (race, socio-economic status, religious, political, etc.) resentment?

    And, did you really just compare our culture’s “soul” to the right to own a gun? If our nation’s soul is based on our right to wield a weapon, we need more saving than I think you realize.

    • It’s psychotic how you have to make up a scenario where Obama does something wrong in order to criticize him for it.

    • Mary Chesley Schupbach

      I can see why he compared our countries soul to us keeping our right to own guns.. I wouldn’t have put it that way myself but I get it.. without those guns we wouldn’t have this country at all. It’s how we have protected and defended it all this time. And the right to bare arms was something our forefathers deliberately put into our constitution right from the very beginning of building up this new free country & they had a very specific & good reason for that ammendment. It was one of the very first rules they made to create this new country, so it’s at the heart & soul and is part of what created and held this country together & kept it alive. And look how great and big and successful America has been compared to other countries. I know many ppl like to tell theirself America sucks and they’re embarrassed to call their self an american.. but u can’t deny that America has done extreamily well compared to other parts of the world. I feel alot safer & more protected in America than I would any where else! And the fact that you view christian supporters as the majority and LGBT supporters a minority is just hilarious! There is 100 times more support for the LGBT than there is for christians now days. Christians are not only minority now but are obviously even targets now! And they are the only ones who DON’T have anyone standing up for their rights. And it will continue to get worse for christians. But that’s exactly what the Bible explains in detail was gonna happen. So all this crap just reassures and proves that the word is true. Therefor I am not worried. Whatever happens here on earth to the Christians, atleast it just reassured us we are atleast on the right track & on the right side. I don’t care much what’s happening here in this small lifetime of ours.. as it will come & go in a moment. I’m more concerned about eternity.. and anyone who’s right with God can be calm & relax in that no matter how twisted this world gets. I just pray for those who are lost & think this small glimpse of time they call “life” is all they get, so they aren’t worried about what their eternity will look like. Every one of us will have an eternity, its just that what u choose to put your faith into during ur tiny life will determin whether it will be a pleasant or painful one. And I dunno about u but I’m alot more concerned about my eternity than i am about having a good time during my short life.

  • ScottLayden

    Dr Piper – I hope that this next few days, when President Obama goes personally to console the families in their losses, you support his actions. And, when he asks for the same kind of gun regulations that are working well in Canada and Swiss countries, that you will support him, again, and NOT be cowed by the gun fanatics, their lobbyists and their manufacturers and their owned congressmen. We KNOW what works, as it works well elsewhere. And as Elie Weisel or Dietrich Bonhoeffer are very clear…to be silent in the face of this evil, when you have a voice to speak, is being complicit in the evil, itself. The mass murders of our children (children age 5-9 are 18X more likely to die from gun wounds in the US than any other developed country, per statistics from the CDC) today are no different than the slaughter of our young men in Vietnam 50 years ago. If God calls you to be a man of justice, be a man of righteousness, too.

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