Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Kevin Batts II

My name is Kevin and I'm the Ceo of LC4U LLC media. I have a great passion for political thought and education. You can email me at LC4ULLC@yahoo.com or visit my website at TheRedRiverChronicle.com.

  • Lisette Muntslag

    Trumpism is knocking people out of the divide we fall coma….they are paying attention…..

  • phillyroll

    Trump/Cruz 2016

  • phillyroll

    Hit piece that does not work. Hillary, Obama, have gone after people and groups much worse than Trump. Where’s your hit piece on them?

  • HoneyNana

    Kevin Batts II, you couldn’t be more wrong in your assessment. You’ve fallen lock step in line with what the democrats want to see as a Republican candidate. If more and more people like yourself denounce the Trump tide, than more and more people will support Trump and all he stands for. Trump is not beholden to anyone and cannot be bought. He’s his own man and has come out on top time and time again. Bottom line is whoever the democrats (and those like yourself) think should be the republican nominee, we’re all going to choose the other candidate. I personally resent your assessment and name calling for those of us that support a candidate like Trump instead of another RINO or assclown democrat. Don’t be on the wrong side of history dude.

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