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City Offices

Republicans are in Red, Democrats are in Blue, Libertarian Party are in Orange, Independents are in Green, Incumbents are underlined and Withdrawn. Day they filled: W = Wednesday, T = Thursday, and F = Friday. Key deadlines

Deadline Event
January 12, 2016 State Senate District 34 Special General Election Special General Election Results
February 5, 2016  Last day to register to vote in Oklahoma Presidential Primary (Super Tuesday)
February 9, 2016  Annual School Elections
March 1, 2016  Presidential Primary (Super Tuesday) and Tulsa County Sheriff’s Special Primary Election Super Tuesday Election Results
April 5, 2016  Tulsa County Sheriff’s Special General Election Special General Election Results
April 13-15, 2016  Candidate filing period for federal, state and county offices
June 28, 2016  Primary Election
Aug. 23, 2016 Runoff Election if necessary
October 14, 2016  Last day to register to vote in General Election
Nov. 8, 2016  General Election

Primary: Oklahoma is one of 22 states with a mixed primary system. Parties decide who may vote, so an unaffiliated voter must be authorized by a party in order to vote in the primary.

Voter registration: Voters must register to vote in the primary election by. For the special election, the voter registration deadline is (25 days prior to the election).

Oklahoma Military and Overseas Ballot Online system: Announcement about Military and Overseas Ballots Online System Online Across State of Oklahoma

New Online Voter Tool

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Candidates can send press releases to

City Offices

City of Tulsa

Tulsa Mayor (Full 4 year term) (Non political election)

Mayor Dewey Bartlett, 69, (Office Site), (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
City Councilor G.T. Bynum, 38, (Office Site), (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Lawrence Kirkpatrick, 69, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Tom McCay, 54, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Paul Tay, 53, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement

Tulsa City Council 

District 1 (Full 2 year term)

City Councilor Jack Henderson, 66, (Office Site), (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Vanessa Hall-Harper, 44, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement

District 2 (Full 2 year term)

Aaron Bisongo, 28, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Jeannie Cue, 62, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement

District 3 (Full 2 year term)

David Patrick, 65, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Jim Rice, Jr., 61, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Araceli Tiger, 35, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement

District 4 (Full 2 year term)

City Concilor Blake Ewing, 37, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Michael Haskins, 27, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Josh Starks, 39, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Sam Walker, 24, (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement

District 5 (Full 2 year term)

District 6 (Full 2 year term)

Skip Steele (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)

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