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Tulsa 9.12 Project Tulsa County Sheriff Candidate Voter Guide
Randy Pierce

Randy Pierce, Republican, 54, Sergeant with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, an employee of 22 yearsPierce Campaign/FortySix News

Randy Pierce, Republican, 54, Sergeant with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, an employee of 22 years

Party Affiliation: Republican

Previous offices held: N/A

Occupation: Sergeant

Current Employment: Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office 23 years/Business Owner

Previous Employment: Dow USA

Education: Tulsa Public Schools. Hoover/Whitney/Hale
TCC/LSU/Rogers State / 90 hours / Criminal Justice

Community ties: See question #1

Endorsements: TBA

1. What is your top public-service accomplishment?

Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training (CLEET) Advanced Instructor; Tribal member Citizens Band Potawatomi Nation; Tulsa County Deputies Lodge 188 Fraternal Order of Police; Delta Masonic Lodge #425; First Baptist Church; OKRCA Oklahoma Retail Crime Association; Tulsa-MAFIA Metro Area Fraud Investigators Association; Stop DUI Oklahoma- Board of Director; Greater Oklahoma Victim Impact Panel – Board of Director; Hoover Neighborhood Association; ALERT International-Association of Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers; Tulsa Hale High School ’79 Alumni Association; Law Enforcement Purple Hearts; Sooner Club; Deer Creek Football Club.

PAST: MADD-Mothers Against Drunk Drives Board of Directors-OK; Past President-Native American Law Enforcement Association; Board of Director-Crime Prevention Network (Crime Commission); 2Much2Lose Under Age Drinking; Tulsa-MAFIA Metro Area Fraud Investigators Association; Tulsa Area Safe Communities; Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association; Cops Helping Cops; Elk’s Lodge Bristow; St. George Volunteer Fire Department District Chief; St. George Schools fundraiser board; Cascia Hall Family; International Profession Rodeo Association; FFA-4-H livestock judge; soccer & golf coach.

2. What qualities, qualifications and characteristics will you bring to this office?

23 years service to TCSO working in every division. Business owner. Council on Law Enforcement Training & Education (CLEET) advanced instructor. International-Association of Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers (ALERT) – Instructor Graduate of Executive Level Management Education and Training- National Sheriffs’ Association Graduate of Institute for Law Enforcement Administration /The Center for American and International Law -School of Police Supervision Direct Inmate Supervision Academy Arlington, VA / Collins County, TX Dade County (FL) Police Academy for Criminal Investigators Graduate of Practical Homicide Investigations Law Enforcement Driver’s Training – Advanced Instruct the Instructor Graduate of U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission / Labor Laws-Employees & Employer Oklahoma City Police Department – Background Investigations for Police Applicants Graduate of Louisiana State Police -Critical Incidents & Events Scene Command for Law Enforcement Hundreds of hours of law enforcement and community based training as a student and instructor.

3. How would you control the proliferation of the 1033 federal program that offers military equipment and assets to Police departments and the over militarization of police?

Law enforcement agencies must declare the intended use for each item, maintain an audit trail for each item and conduct inventory. We have received some of these which few used and waste of money. Our towers are used in parking lots to prevent crime and at fair. There are some items useful and many that are not. Each item should be reviewed by advisory board and recommend if needed. Criminals are becoming more violent and any equipment that is used to protect our deputies is good. The military equipment is not a daily usage, but only used on special operations with operation planning to protect the deputies and public. The cost saving on the items is an advantage to any agency.

4. Since the Sheriff is the prime administrator of the Sheriff’s Department and the Tulsa County Jail, the Sheriff is responsible for creating policies and procedures, budgeting the department’s resources– monetary, human, and equipment, and overseeing personnel, what have you done to educate yourself to take on the complex administrative and budgetary issues of the Sheriff’s office?

I know the office and employees. Advisory boards and employee groups will be established to needs and running the office more efficient. The office budget needs to be always one year in advance with employee raises included to retain and save office money from losing trained employees. We should not be using a ‘Peter to pay Paul’ mentality on our budget. Putting right people in right positions and hold them accountable to their duties.

5. Sadly the action of a volunteer led to the death of a man and the consequences have been divisive for our community and have cost our taxpayers literally millions of dollars. Will you use volunteer officers? How will they be used?

I have already have volunteers to serve on advisory boards, these are former law enforcement, business and community leaders ready to serve. Our reserve deputies program needs to be start immediately. They need quality training and job assignments they are trained in with complete record keeping in order. I believe the office is on right track of accomplishing this goal. Our other volunteers program needs to be supported which they perform clerical tasks.

6. Explain your plans to gain the support and cooperation of the men and women currently working in the Sheriff’s Department? What will you do to rebuild morale in this department?

I have the majority of support of employees at the office, one of the main reasons I made the decision to run for sheriff was the request of many employees. Raises and work with support of collective bargaining for our deputies and detention officers. Listen to the experts ‘The employees’. Need to cross-train employees in same positions for years. Provide quality training and equipment. Support and empower them do their jobs by following policies and procedures and ethical values. Give them encouragement and provide leadership. Open door policy to all without fear of retaliation.

7. Since the Sheriff is an elected position with Constitutional powers to intervene between citizens and the Federal Government, what are your views regarding the conditions, if any, under which such intervention would be appropriate? What action, if any would you take if Federal agents came into Tulsa County to enforce Federal gun laws?

I’m a firm supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, rights of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. The highest ranking law officer in every county of the United States is the sheriff. No federal agent or director outranks the sheriff. If a federal agent tries to override the sheriff, all sheriffs of each county can overrule them and can arrest them. I do not believe this will happen, but I would stop any violations of 2nd Amendment right of any citizen in Tulsa County, as my oath of office is to protect our constitution!

8. Explain what changes if any you would make in the handling of persons in the county jail who are mentally ill?

We are on the right track at the office with the diversion program and new Mentally Ill pods being built. More quality dealing with mentally ill training for the employees is a must. Foster programs with the mental health groups in our community. Provide a better medical contractor at DLM. Advisory Board established to improve this problem.

9. The Oklahoma economy has weakened and government revenues are down. Since the Sheriff serves as one of the eight members of the Budget Board for Tulsa County, what specifically would you propose to deal with a shortfall in County revenues?

Eliminate created positions, non-certified cars and other waste at the office. Work on better contracts at jail (medical, phones, food). The inmate commissary is over 500k+ with no contract, profits needs to be returned to jail not a vendor. The vendor can operate inmate commissary with at 10-18% profit if they choose to do so. Reinstate the ‘Inmate Work Crew Program’ which saves county millions. Restart the reserves ASAP. Prepare for an expansion of the 287g program which brings in millions to the jail. The office needs to be ran like a business and held accountable for spending.

10. How will voters’ best distinguish between you and your opponent(s)?

23 years (never called in sick) dedicated service to Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office working in every division, I know the office, the employees and can start many action plans and goals on first day. I’m not accepting campaign contributions and will not be indebted to anyone. I was shot 4 times in the line of duty (died twice in operating room) and never gave up. I could have taken full disability but did therapy and returned to work as most decorated deputy in history of TCSO. I will have advisory boards established to assist with getting office back on track. I’m firm on employees raises each year.

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