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Tulsa 9.12 Project Tulsa County Sheriff Candidate Voter Guide
Jason Jackson

Jason Jackson, Republican, 42, 18-year veteran of the Jenks Police Department.Jackson Campaign/FortySix News

Jason Jackson, Republican, 42, 18-year veteran of the Jenks Police Department.

Party Affiliation: Republican

Previous offices held: None

Occupation: Police Sergeant

Current Employment: City of Jenks Police Department

Previous Employment: Quik Trip, Loomis Armored, Business Owner, Director of Student Ministries FBC Glenpool, Co-Pastor of Hero Church.

Education: Bachelor of Science Liberty University, Associates of Arts Tulsa Community College
University of Central Oklahoma Police Administration School
FBI- Law Enforcement Executive Development Association Trilogy for Law Enforcement Executives
Oklahoma Chiefs of Police and CLEET Chief and Command Staff Certified
Assigned to the Stoughton Massachusetts Police Department as part of a pilot program for Command Staff Development

Community ties: 23 year resident of Glenpool and South Tulsa County. President of the Jenks Optimist Club, Coach, Youth Pastor, Youth Sports Board Member, Booster Club Board Member.

Endorsements: Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America
Sheriff Richard Mack President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
Col. Gary Adams and his wife Lanette Adams former Chief of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Youth Counselor.
Chief Dennis Waller Chief of Police Glenpool Police Department

1. What is your top public-service accomplishment?

I believe that my number one accomplishment is the level of service and compassion that I have set at the Jenks Police Department.

2. What qualities, qualifications and characteristics will you bring to this office?

I am very good at bringing people together and getting everyone on the same page. I have managed numerous large events with great success. I have a genuine love for people and problem solving. I believe in being involved with my employees and empowering them so they can offer their very best to the citizens. This is an attitude that I learned while working for Quik Trip and I believe that it carries in to all aspects of public service as well.

3. How would you control the proliferation of the 1033 federal program that offers
military equipment and assets to Police departments and the over militarization of

I believe that the use of the 1033 program provides a great cost savings to the tax payers for equipment that could be needed to defend and protect them. Having said that, I believe that this equipment has been used inappropriate at times. As Sheriff I am committed to protecting our constitutional rights from Federal Government abuses and I am committed to safe guarding our citizens from the same abuse from within my own office. I will be very involved with how these items are used.

4. Since the Sheriff is the prime administrator of the Sheriff’s Department and the Tulsa County Jail, the Sheriff is responsible for creating policies and procedures, budgeting the department’s resources– monetary, human, and equipment, and overseeing personnel, what have you done to educate yourself to take on the complex administrative and budgetary issues of the Sheriff’s office?

For the last 10 years of my career I have been training to be the leader of a Law Enforcement Agency. I have been highly involved in setting the vision both short and long term for one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the state. I have been highly involved in managing our 2.7 million dollar biennial budget. I have been pouring over the budgets of the jail and Sheriff’s Office trying to get a clear picture, and I have been reaching out to experts asking for advice.

5. Sadly the action of a volunteer led to the death of a man and the consequences have been divisive for our community and have cost our taxpayers literally millions of dollars. Will you use volunteer officers? How will they be used?

I believe that the Reserve Deputy Program is an invaluable way to save tax payer money and to multiply public safety resources, but the program will be monitored much more closely under my administration. There will be no pay to play.

6. Explain your plans to gain the support and cooperation of the men and women currently working in the Sheriff’s Department? What will you do to rebuild morale in this department?

As a leader you build support by empowering your people to be the very best they can at their jobs. I may not be able to afford raises, but you can certainly build moral through other means, like offering more advanced training and more responsibilities. You can see where employees excel and capitalize on that by helping them grow in those positions. Probably the best way to gain trust and respect however is to just be honest and open.

7. Since the Sheriff is an elected position with Constitutional powers to intervene between citizens and the Federal Government, what are your views regarding the conditions, if any, under which such intervention would be appropriate? What action, if any would you take if Federal agents came into Tulsa County to enforce Federal gun laws?

I am a strict constitutionalist. I don’t believe that you can diminish one right without diminishing all rights. I am a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and as such I will defend our rights from any Federal Government over reach.

8. Explain what changes if any you would make in the handling of persons in the county jail who are mentally ill?

I was instrumental in starting the mental health unit at the Jenks Police department and through that program we have been able to educate officers and the public putting many more tools at their disposal and give more options other than Jail. I like many Oklahomans have been greatly affected by mental health issues, and because of this I began to educate myself on mental health issues many years ago. Having a mental health issue is not a criminal offense. I do not believe that Jail is the proper place for these individuals. Having said that we may not have wanted to become mental health professionals but that is what we have become

9. The Oklahoma economy has weakened and government revenues are down. Since the Sheriff serves as one of the eight members of the Budget Board for Tulsa County, what specifically would you propose to deal with a shortfall in County revenues?

I am a firm believer that the best way to deal with the budget issues that we are now facing is to be fiscally responsible with the money that we do have. In times where money is short we have to be very selective of the projects that we spend money on. It is our jobs as the steward of tax payer money to say no to wasteful spending. To say no to a non essential project that will take money away for needed projects of programs and that is what I will do.

10. How will voters’ best distinguish between you and your opponent(s)?

I hope that the voters will take the time to research each one of us to see who we are. Talk to the people that know me. Look at who I am and look at what my work product is. Look at the work product of the department that I have spent almost 20 years building. Look at my training and education. I am the only candidate that is certified under state law to be a Police Chief or agency head. Finally look at my character; it is time that we brought actual conservative Christian leadership to the office.

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