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Tulsa County Sheriff’s Special Election

FortySix News Special Election ImageRepublicans are in Red, Democrats are in Blue, Independents are in Green, Incumbents are underlined and Withdrawn. Day they filled: W = Wednesday, T = Thursday, and F = Friday. Key deadlines

Deadline Event
Dec. 7 – 9, 2015
 Candidate filing period
March 1, 2015  Primary Election
April 5, 2015 Special General Election to fill remainder of Sheriff Stanley Glanz term.

Primary: Oklahoma is one of 22 states with a mixed primary system. Parties decide who may vote, so an unaffiliated voter must be authorized by a party in order to vote in the primary.

Voter registration: Voters must register to vote in the primary election by. For the special election, the voter registration deadline is (25 days prior to the election).

Oklahoma Military and Overseas Ballot Online system: Announcement about Military and Overseas Ballots Online System Online Across State of Oklahoma

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Tulsa County Sheriff Candidates

John Fitzpatrick, 59, 10-year reserve officer for the Tulsa Police Department. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
Tom Helm, 43, a retired 20-year veteran of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
Brandon Hendrix , 42, is a Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was hired in 2002. He is a school resource officer. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
Jason Jackson, 42, 18-year veteran of the Jenks Police Department. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Dan Miller, 49, Tulsa Police Department corporal with 20 years on the force.  (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Randy Pierce, 54, Sergeant with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, an employee of 22 years. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
Bill Reaves, 66, former Tulsa County sheriff’s lieutenant when he was fired by former Sheriff Stanley Glanz in 1990 after he failed to show for a pre-dismissal hearing. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
Vic Regalado, 44, Tulsa police officer since 1994, former lead homicide detective.  (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Jim Rice, 61, 30 years of law enforcement experience, including serving as the Oologah police chief from ’80 to ’84.  (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement Former Oologah Police Chief Withdraws as Tulsa County Sheriff Candidate
Erich Richter, 46, former deputy with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Disqualified
Luke Sherman, 45, 23-year Tulsa Police Department and is a sergeant. Originally from WI. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Rex Berry, 65, is a former officer with the Tulsa Police Department who served 26 years before retiring in 1999. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
Henry Jones, 62. no history of law enforcement information provided. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Disqualified
Arthur Jackson, 73, is a Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office corporal who was hired in 2005. He is a detention officer who is in a supervisory capacity. (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Disqualified

Pat Campbell Show on 1170 KFAQ Interviews with the candidates

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