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Oklahoma’s 2015 Federal, State & City Mayoral Candidates

Republicans are in Red, Democrats are in Blue, Independents are in Green, Incumbents are underlined and Withdrawn. Day they filled: W = Wednesday, T = Thursday, and F = Friday. Key deadlines

Deadline Event
April 4th
Special Election for State Senate office District 11
April 11th
Republican Party State Convention
May 4, 5, 6
Filing period for both House District 73 and 85 Special Election
July 14th
Special Primary Election for HD 73 and HD 85.
Sept. 8th
Special General Election for both House District 73 and 85
Aug. 31 – Sept. 2 Filing period for Senate District 34 Special Election
Nov. 10 Special Primary Election for Senate District 34
Jan. 12, 2016 Special General Election for Senate District 34

Primary: Oklahoma is one of 22 states with a mixed primary system. Parties decide who may vote, so an unaffiliated voter must be authorized by a party in order to vote in the primary.

Voter registration: Voters must register to vote in the special election by ????. For the special election, the voter registration deadline is (25 days prior to the election).

Oklahoma Military and Overseas Ballot Online system: Announcement about Military and Overseas Ballots Online System Online Across State of Oklahoma

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Candidates send your info to

State Offices

State Senate

District 11 (State Sen. Shumate Resigns from Oklahoma Senate) Special Election on April 7th

Regina Goodwin (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
State Rep. Kevin Matthews, Tulsa-73 (Office Site), (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
Heather Nash (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)

District 34 (State Sen. Rick Brinkley Resigns from Oklahoma Senate) Special Primary Election on Nov. 10 to finish out 3 years left of term

Chuck Daugherty (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
Greg Douglass (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Withdrew on Sept. 4
John Feary (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
David McLain (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) Announcement
Mark Williams (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
J.J. Dossett
(Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)
Lisa Franklin (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site)

State House

District 73 (Oklahoma State Senator Kevin Matthews Sworn Into Office) Special Election on July 14

Regina Goodwin (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) M
Robert Lewis (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) W
Jennettie Marshall (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) M
Norris Minor (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) M
Jonathan Townsend (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) M
Jeanetta Williams (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) M
Joe Williams (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) M

District 85 (Oklahoma State Rep. David Dank Found Dead in Oklahoma City Home)  Special Election on July 14

Chip Carter (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) M Chip Carter Announces Candidacy for House District 85 Special Election
Ralph Crawford  (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) W Ralph Crawford Enters Special Election Race for Oklahoma House District 85
Matt Jackson (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) M
Amy Palumbo (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) T Former Prosecutor Amy Palumbo Announces Run for State House District 85
Cyndi Munson (Campaign Site), (Ballotpedia Site) M Community Leader Cyndi Munson Announces Candidacy for House District 85

City Offices

Oklahoma City Mayor

Republican Party

State Chairman

Former State Sen. Randy Brogdon (Campaign Site) Resigned effective Sept. 10, 2015.
Pam Pollard (Campaign Site)
Dave Weston (Campaign Site)

State Committee will vote to fill vacated Chairman seat on Oct. 11, 2015

Estela Hernandez (Campaign Site)
Robert Hubbard (Campaign Site)
Pam Pollard
(Campaign Site)

State Vice-Chairman

Estela Hernandez (Campaign Site)
John T. Lewis
(Campaign Site)

Democrat Party

State Chairman

former Canadian County vice-chair Mark Hammons (Campaign Site)
Vice-Chair Dana Orwig (Campaign Site)

State Vice-Chairman

Earl Mitchell, Jr. (Campaign Site)
Former state Sen. Connie Johnson (Campaign Site)

State Secretary

David Ratcliff (Campaign Site)
Stephen Covert (Campaign Site)

State Treasurer

Donna Russell (Campaign Site)


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